Brick Grab

Sanhe is a prominent manufacturer of brick making machine, and we are proud to develop and manufacture complete plant and equipment to make autoclaved sand-lime bricks. The brick grab, also used as block grab is one of our development results. It is designed for automatic and quick brick handling, and can totally meet the requirements of modernized brick production line.

The brick handling solution is mostly applied in building material factories. It is commonly used in combination with a forklift to directly carry, load and transport bricks discharged from the autoclaves, and it is able to load the brick up to a height of 3m. Saving time, labor and money, the brick grab has been an essential product for AAC block plants.

Thanks to its extraordinary precision and excellent performance, the forklift attachment can be used for transferring, stacking and loading bricks of various sizes and weights in all kinds of working environments. Not only does it improve brick handling efficiency with reduced damage rate, but it also saves labors. In addition, the brick grab can complete lifting, side shift and 360-degree rotation. It also comes equipped with a buffer damper and an auxiliary clamp for minimizing operator fatigue and drastically increasing production efficiency.