Load Cart for Autoclave

The load cart for autoclave is mainly designed to feed fresh bricks into the autoclave for steam curing. Unlike a traditional product, the autoclave cart developed in-house is non-lubricated for considerably reduction of maintenance costs. It can be guaranteed with an ultra-long lifespan.

Our autoclave load cart is mainly comprised of frame and wheels:
1. Cart frame: The frame of our automatic cart is constructed from structural steel, ensuring great robustness and simple structure. Base plate guide device is mounted on the frame to make it convenient to place the base plate.
2. Wheel: The wheel assembly consists of wheels, axles and bearings. The wheel comes with surface quenching treatment for high durability. Internal structure features special design, making sure that bearings still rolls flexibly after autoclaving at high pressure and high temperature.

The load cart for autoclave is adaptable to high-temperature and high-pressure steam. You can rest assured that it will not be deformed and stuck, and make your autoclave feeding system efficient and the whole autoclaved sand-lime brick production line productive.

No. Size
1 4M 4040 x 650 x 1240
2 6M 6050 x 670 x 1250