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Automatic Batch Control System for Sand-lime Brick Plant

From raw material preparation to the finished sand-lime brick product, the long production process requires ultimate design and coordination of the individual plant components. The automatic batch control system is used to ensure this. In Sanhe's sand-lime brick plant, all processes are automatically controlled.

1. The automatic control system for our building material plant boasts proven technology, reliable and stable performance, high automation and batching accuracy, and ease of parameters setting.
2. It adopts Windows operation system, with user-friendly and visual human-computer interface that can vividly display the real-time condition.
3. The control system provides automatic inspection of production information, whole process tracking, easy operation and maintenance, and convenience for network link.
4. Many production control parameters can be changed through the interface.
5. It comes with automatic zero setting, microcomputer-aided quick calibration and fault self-diagnosis functions.
6. Of the section for control of batching system, data collection is fast and high in resolution. It ensures auto dynamic correction of weighing in advance and auto balancing of insufficient or excessive weighing.