Lime Silo

The lime silo is a proprietary product of Sanhe. It is used in the lime slaking system to make quicklime (calcium oxide) completely slaked so that reaction of materials can be smoothly performed and it is totally avoided that brick will be ruptured caused by volume expansion of lime slaking in the autoclaving process. This will improve the plasticity of lime sand compounds and makes it easy for brick forming.

1. The lime silo is designed with exhaust unit which can timely exhaust the water vapor generated in lime hydration and thus maximally avoid material bridging.
2. Lining of the arrowhead silo is made from high temperature and corrosion resistant polymeric materials with small friction coefficient which makes for effective reduction of friction between material and silo wall, thus improving material fluidity and decreasing the rate of bridging.
3. According to market investigation and customers' actual use of lime storage silo, we have made adjustment on the inner lining and outer lining of the silo cone and replace polymeric materials by stainless steel. In addition, we equip vibrating motor at the silo cone to make material discharge much smoother.
4. The cylindrical part of the lime silo features special design which allows for reliable connection of polymeric materials at joints. It can not only reduce material bridging, but also prevent lining material from peeling off.
5. Discharge blade is designed to be replaceable and with adjustable height so as to meet the discharge requirements in different processes. And, the blade is made of highly wear resistant material, ensuring long service life.
6. The silo in the lime handling system comes with an urgent discharge port for emergency use. As the production line has fault that can be handled in a short time, materials can be discharged manually from the port to prevent bridging.
7. It is provided with a rotary material distribution unit on the top of silo. This unit enables the materials uniformly distributed after being fed into the silo.
8. Discharge rotation mechanism employs a large diameter integral bearing which provides flexible rotation and high longevity.
9. The lime silo is designed with continuous material level gage at the upper part and lower part, which feedbacks the signal of material level to control system to realize real-time supervision.
10. There are two temperature measuring instrument equipped at the middle part and lower part. They transmit the temperature signal to control system to achieve a real-time supervision.
11. Controlled by a frequency converter, discharging speed can be adjusted.

Technical Parameters of the Lime Silo
Model LX-80 LX-100
Capacity (m3) 80 100
Motor power ( KW ) 15 15
Scrapper speed ( r/min) 7 7
Theoretical feeding capacity (m3/h) 40 40